Valentine day

Valentine day

This is name of love and affection. When we heard Valentine day first image in our mind shows is related to Love. We can say day of love. So It doesn’t mean that other days in Year are not to do love. But this day is special for Love and affection with our dear one.  This day Celebration comes 14 February of every year. May be you don’t know Valentine day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Because of Christian martyr st. Valentine’s Day. Before this day 7 more days comes. So here is listing of this 7 love days are as below –
* Rose day – 7 Feb
* Propose day – 8 Feb
* Chocolate day – 9 Feb
* Teddy day – 10 Feb
* Promise day – 11 Feb
* Kiss day – 12 Feb
* Hug day – 13 Feb

You can see above list of days. Clearing giving understanding a chain of loves. It will not wrong in saying a planned chart of do love. Also could be said that it is short 8 days fast course of love learning. Almost all countries celebrate Valentine day with flowers, bouquet, chocolates etc. Here is list of ways to celebration this day
* Exchange Greeting cards,
* Exchange or send gifts to friends
* Dating with love friend etc
* Offering Flower or bouquet to loved one
* Offering chocolates

May be you know some more ways. Share your new ideas.

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What, why, when and how is celebrated Valentine day ?

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